RV12 Vans Aircraft

   serial #120568

constructed  by

David  Valcik



More Build photos




 I ordered the RV-12,  summer 2011 at Oshkosh.  The first kit was delivered in late Sept 2011 and the build began.  I did most of the construction in the living room. 



Most of the construction on the RV12 was done evenings after work and weekends.  The empennage and wing kits were completed quickly and started the fuselage kit a few months later in Nov.  Most of that section was still assembled in the living room, but relocated to the garage once it became almost too big to get out the door.    




The final RV12 assemble joining the 3 kits was done at the airport in Limerick PA Winter 2012.  With the help from my friends finally instillation of the Rotax and Avionics were completed quickly.  




Stephen and Sadie Valcik designed the paint scheme for the RV12 and off to paint (Jim Russells aircraft painting) in April 2012.  Final assembly was completed in Aug and July, after 11 months and 805 hours she received her airworthy inspection as an EAB RV12. 




This build has been one of the most satisfying projects I have ever done.  The enjoyment of building and being a part of the RV community has been better than I ever could imagine. 



Now that I am flying about 100 + hours a year it is even better.  :)   

Taking the tail out to the airport

I chose to build as a RV12 EAB instead of an E-LSA with the following modifications;

  • Sensench Ground adjustable 3 blade

  •  Adjustable oil cooler shutter system for cold weather flying

  •  Tosten grips

  • Avionics & Electrical

  • Dual Grand Rapids HX

  • Garmin SL30

  • Garmin 796

  • NavWorx ADS-b

  • Vertical Power

  • Flap indicator

  • External Alternator

  • Moeller mechanical fuel gauge sight gauge

  • Bulkhead modification for access without removing the fuel tank

  • Fairings

  • Vertical Stab

  • Horizontal Stab

  • Gear legs Fairings

  • Wheel pants



Interesting comparison

between the

RV12 and the Wright Flyer