APRS Tracking for my RV-12 Track N25DV

Where is David Valcik's RV12 N25DV?

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current info along the track
     N25DV David V last 6 hours
 Friends APRS tracking   -   aprs.fi
     N91RV - Mark S aprs
     N470MB - Mark B aprs
     N666BK - Vlad aprs


Friends APRS Overlay tracking  

N25DV & N470MB overlayed-aprs

      N25DV,N666BK, N91RV, 470MB overlayed-aprs
      N25DV & N91RV overlayed-aprs
      N25DV & N666BK overlayed-aprs

This Web page is about David Valcik's  RV12. My RV-12 was built as an EAB, from the RV12 Kit from Van's Aircraft.  I made modifications to the RV-12 kit  as I built the plane.  The devations were minor from the standard RV12 Kit. These are listed in the History of the build section for my RV12.